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These are one on one / small group concealed weapons classes geared towards training students who are at different skill levels from beginner to intermediate level. This is for students who want more out of their CWL training than just class time and one shot at the range. We take training to a whole new level which is why we are the ultimate in self-defense. We offer modern training tools to help achieve better training results related to concealed carry in today’s world.

The Collier & Lee County regional classes cost will be $65.00 Cash Only per person. If you have your dd214 from the military, you don't need to take the class... just schedule your appointment with the Florida Department of Agricultural and Consumer Services Regional Office near you and bring your dd214 during your appointment.

If you still want to take our class for more info relating to concealed carry, you will get a military discount but must provide your dd214 on date of class. Military discount is 50% off original class fee and we thank you for your services to our country. Class will include class teachings from certified firearms instructor, range time with certified range safety officer, eye and ear protection rental, and all firearms and ammo supplied by us.

Do Not Bring Any Firearms to Class!


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